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    Idea behind it

    If you are a user of Language Resources (LRs) , you are probably aware of the fact that no language resource is perfect.

    In this regard, ELRA's mission is to improve the quality of the language resources offered in its catalogue in a constant manner.

    Thus, if you are a user detecting an error (bug) in a language resource distributed by ELRA, we would like to kindly invite you and encourage you to let us know by filling out a bug report form, as indicated below:

    Send us your bug reports for Speech Language Resources (SLRs)…
    (this bug report form is handled by ELRA's validation centre for SLRs, SPEX)

    A bug report form for Written Language Resources (WLRs) will be also made available soon and will be handled by ELRA's validation centre for WLRs, CST.

    Based on the bug report received, once a substantial number of errors has been collected for a particular LR, ELRA will create a correction tool (patch) which will allow users to update the LR concerned by removing the reported errors.


    As an intermediate stage between LR providers and users, ELRA considers that quality maintenance of the language resources available in its catalogue is one of its key objectives.

    Anyone who should find any error is kindly invited and encouraged to point it/them out to ELRA. The detected errors should be reported in as precise a manner as possible. Once the bug report form has been submitted, the following steps are handled by ELRA's update service:

    1. The validation centre acknowledges the reception of the bug report;
    2. The validation centre checks the reported errors and gathers positive checked errors into a Formal Error List (FEL) file, linked to the respective language resource in the ELRA catalogue;
    3. Once a substantial number of errors has been collected for a particular LR, a patch is created by the validation centre. This patch is based on the corrections done on the LR by either the LR provider or an external institution;
    4. The patch is then distributed by ELRA for a price that aims to cover the efforts required to create it.

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